Abbey came into our lives during mid 2017. In the meantime there have been some wonderful times and also some very sad times. Thankfully the good far outweigh the bad and we are now blessed with a wonderful companion for our two Flat-coated Retrievers Hamish and Sophie. 
Abbey had been found abandoned on a Moor in Ireland thin, hungry and in desperate need of medical attention. It was obvious she had been used to provide many litters of pups in what was probably a money-making and puppy-farming operation. Once she was of no more use she was abandoned. Thankfully, there are some very good people in this world and Abbey was found wandering, rescued and taken under the wing of Black Retriever X Rescue. Through them and with private funding she was able to receive the medical attention she required and housed with a lovely short term Adopter where she was fed, watered and given the love she deserved once again. 
Black Retriever X Rescue immediately started looking for a new 'Forever Home' for her and after a rigorous application and home checking process we were fortunate enough to be considered suitable to become her new 'Mum & Dad'. Once all the legal processes regarding ownership etc., had been completed Abbey was booked on the transport that runs from Ireland to England on a regular basis. 
The journey was a long one for Abbey and it unfortunately coincided with it being one of the hottest days of the year. With the transport being air-conditioned and regular stops for water, food, relief and welfare checks she arrived none the worse for wear. In fact she positively loved everyone she met and made a lasting impression on them all.  With her finally in the back of our car we left the meeting point in southern england and brought her back to our home on The Isle of Wight and two very excited Flatcoated Retrievers.
Abbey soon became one of 'The Pack' and started to enjoy life in her new home and with her new friends. They all got on remarkably well and still do to this day! However, a few weeks in and it became obvious something serious was wrong with Abbey. So much so that it required a midnight call to our local vets and then a dash to the Surgery for x-rays and an immediate operation as she was diagnosed with BLOAT and GVD. It was touch and go if her life could be saved but thanks to Erica's initial recognition of the symptoms, the Vets diagnosis and skills in operating on her and the loving care 'post-op' by the Veterinary Nurses she survived. 
Even thinner than she was when we first met her she needed a long and gentle path back to full health. It took a while but she seemed to love her new home so much that she never gave up. Hamish & Sophie also appeared to be extra considerate towards her and gave her the room and confidence to recover. Now Abbey is back to her correct weight with her coat shiny and strong. She is able to run and play with her mates in the garden, fields, beaches in fact wherever she can.
So, you can probably guess that we love her to bits and see why she started us on this quest to raise money for animal related organisations through the sale of our 'Hearts & Paws' items. 
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