We are just an ordinary couple of animal lovers whose lives have recently been enriched by the addition of a fairly mature, lovable, devoted, friendly, sometimes noisy and always hungry Black Labrador named 'Abbey'.
Prior to the arrival of Abbey we have always had quite a large number of other pets of all descriptions including dogs, cats, budgies, rabbits, tortoises, hens, fish, etc.. 
Over the years we have loved and lost so many animals but we keep on going back for more and always will for as long as we are able. 
Little wonder that during our 'retirement years' we enjoy trying to help as many animals find a loving, safe and comfortable home with people who are prepared to return the love and enjoyment a pet can bring to any human being.
As a result we are using our time and skills to hand craft a range of genuinely hand-made and painted 'Hearts & Paws' that we hope you will enjoy.

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