All our 'Hearts & Paws' are handcrafted and therefore each one will be unique. They are made from pine stripwood and will improve with age as the patina of the wood becomes more mature. The ribbons may vary from those shown but any replacement ribbons will be selected to add colour and contrast to the decoration.
 We will be able to provide an approximate delivery date at the time of order but if you have a particular deadline to meet please let us know. i.e. Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.. 
NB: Our 'Hearts & Paws' are not toys for children nor animals. 

These photographs are purely here for the time being as 'website test photo's'. They will be replaced within the next couple of days and added to as and when a new design is added to our range. In the meantime, if you would like to order please contact us via the 'Contact' Section and we will contact you via email.
HP1 Black Flatcoated retriever with small black pawprint.

HP2 Liver Flatcoated retriever with small liver pawprint.

HP3 Large Black pawprint with smaller black pawprint.

HP4 Large black Pawprint with smaller liver pawprint. (New photo to follow)

HP5 Single large black pawprint.

          HP6 Single large liver pawprint.        

HP7 Black (or HP7A Chocolate ) Labrador sitting with heart.

HP8 Black (or​​​​​​​ HP8A  Chocolate ) Labrador sitting with Christmas holly.

HP9 Black (or HP9A Chocolate ) Lab' standing with Heart

HP10 Moongazing Hare

HP11 Black cat sitting with Heart or    HP12 Black cat sitting with holly.

HP14 Black Flatcoat with small Red Heart

HP15 Liver Flatcoat with small Red Heart

HP16 Single Black Pawprint with Holly
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